Surgical strike by India

Uri attack: 18th September 2016, Uri military base has been attacked by militant in which we have lost 19 Army officers and also our officers killed 4 attackers.
This is the point from where the tension increases between both the nation India and Pakistan. India is saying this is done by Pakistan with the help of Pakistan but on other hand Pakistan govt. rejected allegation of involvement in this attack.
Same time MEA Ms. Shushma Swaraj and Army Mr. Chief Vijay Kumar said that sure we will a better reply to Pakistan for this.
After 6 days of Uri attack on September 24, our Prime Minister come forward in a party rally of BJP in Kozhikode, Kerala and said that this is not good done by Pakistan. We will never forget Uri attack and also said that the citizen of both the nations (Hindustan and Pakistan) should fight against poverty first.    
Complete tension is going between leaders from both the nations, and they continuously each other for this situation. Pakistan’s foreign ministry also accused the Indian government of trying to divert attention from the human rights situation in Kashmir, with a reference to the ongoing civil unrest. Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) is in unrest from last 2 months and hundreds of civilians get killed and thousands are injured [ref. 2-6].
On September 25 Indian Army said they have arrested 2 persons in Uri sector who have Pakistani nationals and they were said in their statement that they were recruited by Jaish-e-Mohammad.
On September 29, Indian Army said that they conducted surgical strikes against suspected militant groups in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), and killed approx. 38 militants and all Indian media start spreading this news like a fire in a while it goes viral and reached to international media. Even Indian Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) Lt Gen Ranbir Singh said that it had made a pre-emptive strike against “terrorist teams” and they conduct terrorist strike in Jammu and Kashmir and other states [ref. 7-8].
Then Pakistani media and it misters refuse for any surgical strike in their territory and blame on Indias to spreading lies and asking for the evidence of this strike where they have done. And ISPR spokesman Asif Bajwa also said this has been generated by India to create false effects. Some Indian media reported that Indian Army entered 1-3 KMs in Pakistani territory to conduct the surgical strike but indian army didn’t said whether his troops cross the border or simply fire bullets across the border.
Now situation is that from both the side they are saying no to each other and media is showing completely different from both the nations[ref-Imgs 1-3]. Image taken from source of Google  

Now people of both the nations are confused and unable to think like me what is going on whom is telling true and which is false.
Then one more group comes in with its report the United Nations UNMOGIP that they didn’t find any evidence of surgical strike near LoC. [ref 9-11]


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